Who we are

Primacy Solutions, which makes the Trash Locks, is a small family-owned business founded in 2019 to provide innovative solutions to unique problems. The Trash Lock is our first product and we believe the ultimate solution for preventing animals from getting into trash bins. This started several years before when we first caught bears rummaging through our trash cans while the kids and the pets were outside. We created these trash lockers to prevent animals from opening the can and rummaging through the trash.

What We Do

Trash Locks are designed to

  • Secure trash and prevent clutter
  • Prevent animals such as raccoons, bears, possums, and rats from invading your property and weather events from overwhelming your bins.
  • We offer three kinds of Trash Locks:

  • Original; the first and safest lock we’ve ever designed
  • Adjustable, these allow you to be fully flexible as they let you tighten or losen the lock/strap after installation
  • The easy install (a product in the process), which requires no drilling or special skills for installation

Our Story

Designing the first bear-resistant trash locker was a real challenge, Once we had found the solution we wanted to offer it to other homeowners and businesses to help keep critters out of their trash.