A Black Bear Community Safety Program

From Primacy Solutions/TrashLockers.com

Dedicated to Reducing Human-Bear Interactions


 Primacy Solutions will DONATE fifty sets of its Ultimate Black Bear Trash Locks to a state or community each month during black bear season.

The Locks will enable residents to RETROFIT their existing trash carts black bear-resistant, instead of having to purchase a new bear-resistant cart, which can be cost-prohibitive. Our commitment is to the bears and the community residents. There are too many cases of black bears dying because they ate something out of the trash that made them sick, or they became too dependent on human food waste as a resource. By helping residents secure their food waste, the bears will focus on their natural food resources.

If you would like your community to be considered as a recipient of the BearSafe program please contact us at BearSafe@TrashLockers.com with your contact information, the community you would like us to support, and a description of the need in the community.

The Ultimate Black Bear Trash Lock is the only retrofit kit CERTIFIED to make a trash cart black bear-resistant.

The certification is with a Rehig-Pacific 95-gallon cart. Additional certification testing with other cart manufacturers is expected this year