Secure Your Garbage with Trash Locks

At Primacy Solutions, we have been developing solutions to secure trash cans for several years. We understand that the bigger the problem the more secure your trash cart lid lock needs to be. However, that also comes with the knowledge that the simplest solution for a problem is usually the best one. That is why we offer a variety of Trash can Locks.

If you live in an area with frequent (several times a month) visits by black bears then you want the Ultimate Trash Locks, which have been tested with live bears and are currently the ONLY solution to be certified Black Bear-Resistant for retrofitting an existing trash cart.

If you have an occasional black bear coming by or constant raccoon trash trouble then the Original Trash Locks would be a great choice.

If you have more frequent small visitors or a larger (95-gallon cart), you may want to use a double set of our Adjustable lock for garbage carts, which comes with two adjustable straps.

If you have winds knocking over your can or visits by small animals then a single Adjustable Trash Lock may be right for you, which can be installed in 30 seconds with an electric screwdriver/drill.

Whatever is getting into your trash ... We have a solution