Ultimate Black Bear Trash Locks



Primacy Solutions' Ultimate Black Bear Trash Can Locks are the first product to ever be certified as Black Bear Resistant, for retrofitting a trash cart*.  These straps are a step up from the Original Trash Locks and were designed specifically for retrofitting trash carts to keep black bears out of...

Trash Lock Original


Primacy Solutions' Trash Lock straps are designed to keep your trash in a locking garbage can with a hinged lid. Each Trash Lock has straps that are permanently attached to the can with stainless steel nuts and bolts. Properly installed they will keep rats, dogs, raccoons, possums, and other animals...

Adjustable Trash Lock

from $18.95

The Adjustable Trash Locks straps will keep raccoons, wind, possums, dogs and other animals out of your trash. They are designed to be used on a rolling garbage can with a hinged lid. Each Trash Lock is attached with either a screw or stainless steel nuts and bolts. Unlike the Original Trash Lock,...