Partner Yearly Additional Profit


Based on the number of trash and recycling cans you are servicing, this form will tell you the potential additional Annual Profit, from working with Primacy Solutions.  This number is based upon Primacy Solutions (, installing and maintaining all of the Trash Locks on only a fraction of your cans.  Your team would be responsible for billing the customers and working with us, to coordinate the installation for participating customers. It is important to note that these are ANNUAL numbers. Once the Locks are installed, it becomes a continuous revenue stream. We do expect to replace all the Locks every five to six years.

Step 1:  Enter the number of cans you currently service

Number Trash Cans :
Number Recycle Cans:

Step 2:  Click on 'Calculate Profit'

We estimate the ADDITIONAL Annual Net Revenue for YOUR COMPANY is between $ And $ per year

The revenues would be significantly higher if your team installed and maintained the Locks, which we can discuss as well, if you wish.