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Adjustable Trash Lock

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Single or Double Set of Adjustable Trash Lock:
Color-lower straps:

The Adjustable Trash Locks straps will keep raccoons, wind, possums, dogs and other animals out of your trash. They are designed to be used on a rolling garbage can with a hinged lid. Each Trash Lock is attached with either a screw or stainless steel nuts and bolts. Unlike the Original Trash Lock, these straps are adjustable. They are not suggested if you have black bears in the area.

The locks can be undone and re-secured with one hand. Eliminates the need for bungee cords and other tie-downs to keep your trash where it belongs. If you have problems with wind/weather tipping your trash, or someone backing their car into it, these will keep the trash where it belongs eliminating a messy clean up.

The straps are made from high strength polyester, the buckles have a break-force of nearly 300 lb-force, and the nuts and bolts are all stainless steel.

These are better suited to more urban/city environment where there are smaller animals, raccoons,  rats and other rodents to deal with. If you have an occasional black bear you may want to consider the Original Trash Lock, or for more frequent black bears our Ultimate Black Bear Trash Locks

The Trash Lock is a product of Primacy Solutions.

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Best evwr

I have had these locks on my cans for years and they have been amazing