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Ultimate Black Bear Trash Locks

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Primacy Solutions' Ultimate Black Bear Trash Can Locks are the first product to ever be certified as Black Bear Resistant, for retrofitting a trash cart*.  These straps are a step up from the Original Trash Locks and were designed specifically for retrofitting trash carts to keep black bears out of the cart, especially one that has a lid that is more flexible. They add a third and fourth strap on the sides of the trash can. Each trash can lock has straps that are permanently attached to the can with stainless steel nuts and bolts. They will keep rats, raccoons, possums, and other animals out of your trash. Black bears will not be able to get to your leftovers, so they will move on to an easier food source.

The locks can be undone and re-secured with one hand. Eliminates the need for bungee cords and other tie-downs to keep your garbage where it belongs. If you have problems with wind/weather tipping your trash, or someone backing their car into it, these will keep the trash where it belongs, eliminating a messy clean up.

The straps are made from high-strength polyester, the buckles have a break-force of nearly 300 lb-force, and the nuts and bolts are all stainless steel. And comes in two colors black and orange.

These straps are the best choice if you have a frequent black bear problem! 

Each order is shipped with four bear proof garbage can lock straps as shown in the pictures

We do suggest updating your Trash Locks every five years

The Trash Lock is a product of Primacy Solutions.


*certification was with a 95-gallon Rehrig Pacific trash cart (Certification #BB0008)

Customer Reviews

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Alix Pierce
Game Changer!

We live in a semi-rural area with lots of black bears, sometimes visiting several days in a row. We aren't able to keep our trash can in the garage, and picking up trash all over the yard is a pain - plus, it encourages the bears to keep returning. The Ultimate Locks are absolutely the answer if you deal with black bears! We've had at least 3 bear visitors since I installed them, and each time the bear gave up after a minute or so. The locks don't even look like they've been touched and no damage to the can. The installation instructions were very thorough and you can tell they were written with a lot of care and thought. Patrick was so helpful making sure I got the right product for my situation. Best purchase of the year!

Great Solution

Wow! Great product. We have been having lots of problems with black bears getting into our trash. These stopped them in their tracks. The bears definitely "played" with our trash cart for several minutes, as it had been moved 15 yards from its spot, but they gave up and moved on. Best of all... no morning clean up!!